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US First Lady is catching eye with her good looks and nice outfits as she tries to always be polite and gentle. But, she didn’t success in hiding her dart secrets from the rest of the world.

US First Lady posed for a nude photo shoot for and French male magazine. When her husband was asked about that, he said that is common thing in Europe.

Before she became First Lady, Melania was living in Slovenia, and she started modelling there. Then she moved to US illegally and continued with her job.

Surprisingly, Melania speaks five languages and those are German, English, Serbian, French and Slovene, which is pretty impressive for a woman that posed in front of the cameras her whole life.

But, the most shocking detail about her previous life was her nude photo shoot. Three years before she met present US President Donald Trump, Melania posed nude for and French male magazine, lying in bed with another model who also was naked.

Donald met his wife during a party when she refused to give him her mobile number.

People who were there during the photo shoot said that she behaved polite and that she was very nice and communicative. Her photographer said that her pictures weren’t pornography but art.

When US President Donald Trump was asked about this photo shoot of her he only said that those kind of photo shoots are fashionable and that a lot of women poses like that in Europe. Melania was the only First Lady who posed nude for photo shoot.

Melania also sued Daily Mail for writing false story about her being escort lady back in the time she wasn’t married to Donald Trump.

Melania also sued one Croatian school who was posting her pictures and writing ‘Look how far you can get by knowing a little bit of English’. Melania gave school 24 hours to remove the pictures, which they didn’t so she put charges on them.

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