Steven Seagal is the Latest Actor Accused of SEXUAL ABUSE, Is there PROOF?

Action star and director Steven Seagal is the newest name to the list of sexual abusers in Hollywood. Several actresses have stepped forward with their claims that Seagal attempted to solicit them into engaging in sexual activities with him and that he also revealed himself to them without any encouragement.

The actress that has given the most in-depth description of her encounter with the actor is Eva LaRue, who has starred in CSI and various other television shows. LaRue reveals that she attended what she believed to be an audition at Seagal’s home. When he urged her to follow him into a room where the script for the project was being held, he allegedly locked her in the room and proceeded to expose himself to her. Luckily, LaRue was able to make it out of the unfortunate situation physically unharmed, but she was without a doubt emotionally scarred.


LaRue’s account of her interaction with Seagal matches the claims made by other actresses who have stated they, too, were victims to sexual misconduct led by Steven Seagal. While LaRue was able to escape without Seagal touching her, it is not yet known if any other victims exist who endured worse abuse than she and some of the other accusing actresses did. If the apparent trend is true, then there will more than likely be other victims who have yet to come forward with their stories and allegations.

It is starting to seem like there are no males left in Hollywood who have not been accused of acting inappropriately with their female colleagues. What is it about men in the entertainment industry that makes them think they are untouchable and able to act in whatever manner they please? Is it the amount of money they have? The promises of making the girls they abuse into stars? Or something much deeper that has yet to be revealed?


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