16-Year-Old Teenager MISSING! Mystery is finally Revealed

It is always said that the group of three friends are the best. And among the girls, it is common to have a group of three friends.

They hang out together, enjoy together and almost share everything. But there are some girls who stay in groups not because she is a friend of other girls, but because she might hate one of them.

Here we bring an incident of three girls who used to be best friends, but the things happen to them will shock anyone. We are going to tell you what were the things happened to them? And what happened to each of them?

This is the story of three girls, which used to be best friends. Their names are Skylar Neese, Shelia Eddy, and Rachel Shoaf. They were high school best friends living in Morgantown, West Virginia. Their friendship seemed to be last at the end of the world.

Because of some reasons, Shelia and Rachel’s relationship with Skylar fell apart. But one day Skylar’s father, Dave found out that his daughter was missing.

He discovered a hidden bench that Skylar used to help her climb in and out of the window and he also found that her daughter’s window screen had been removed.

He called the police and during the investigation, they found out that Skylar sneaks out at night with Shelia and Rachel. And after lots of pressure and interrogation Rachel admit that she and Shelia murdered Skylar.

With the help of traffic cameras and Rachel statements, police find out that around 11 pm these three sneak out for a drive, as Shelia and Rachel want to repair their friendship with Skylar.

They drove to the spot where Shelia and Rachel smoked marijuana. Shelia and Rachel each were hiding a kitchen knife under their clothes and when they got the chance, they stabbed Skylar with that knife about 50 times and dumped her body. They clean themselves and return to home.

When Rachel asked why they killed Skylar Neese, Rachel’s chilling response was, “we just didn’t like her.”

Although the criminals are behind the bars, it signifies anyone can do anything. If you have a best friend it does not mean that he will not harm you, he might kill you.

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