Biggest Recent Airline THREAT. Is Flying Still Safe?

Air Transport is becoming one of the popular transportation systems throughout the world. Mostly businessman uses this method of transportation, as it is fast and reliable, in modern time most of the people prefer Airlines rather than any other transport method. But the new technology had brought a new threat to this mode of transportation. Now Safety in Airlines is becoming a big issue!

In Canada, there arises a new threat related to the Airlines safety. Modern Technology brought a new Danger signal for Air transportation. We are going to reveal the information, which will Shock you about Airlines Safety.

A Drone crashed into a passenger plane carrying six passengers and two crew members in Quebec, arising safety concerns about unmanned aircraft and raising questions about how best to enforce regulations now that drones are becoming more and more common place.

Although nobody was hurt, but the incident could have caused “catastrophic” damage, if it hits an engine or incapacitated the pilot.

Researchers at Virginia Tech’s College of engineering demonstrated that in less than 1/200th of a second, an eight-pound quad copter drone could rip apart nine-foot-diameter engine.

The drone was flying at 1500 feet of altitude, which is five times higher, as what permitted in Canada. The location of the Drone is yet to be discovered, and until now no suspects have been identified, The Quebec city police department is still investigating on this case.

Although, the authorities say this is the first time a drone has hit a commercial aircraft in Canada, but it is not the first time that a drone came that close to the plane that it could be considered as a threat.

The government of Canada should be more careful, and consider it as a worthy matter to look upon it, before it gets too late and someone made drones a life-death threat for Airlines.

“Prevention is always better than a cure.”

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