Brad Bufanda is now Dead, find out how his Life Ended in this Post!

This is absolutely a heart breaking and unbelievable moment for the fans of the young star named Brad Bufanda.

Brad Bufanda, most popular because of his roles in “Veronica Mars” and “A Cinderella Story”. He committed suicide, and he was just 34 years old. Brad was a talented and hardworking star. He just started his career and he had lots of passion for his work.

He was an extremely talented young actor who had lots of spark in him. We are completely devastated for him as he was a wonderful and caring human being.

We are shocked and saddened by his passing as he just completed 2 movies and his career had just started to take off toward a new height. What was the reason behind his suicide? How did he commit suicide? We will provide a complete answers to all these questions.


The suicide commitment by Brad had caused major stir among the fans and his co-stars also. According to our source Brad jumped off from a building in Los Angeles and around 1 a.m. A transient found his body on the sidewalk. Brad left a suicide note, written “thank you” message to his parent and all the good people in his life.

Although, this young and talented star has left us, but it was the beautiful journey with him until now. We will miss you that’s a sure.

However, his career was just started and he had lots of potential in him. He could have done lots more and reach to a new and different high, which no one had ever imagined. But after his death the only thing remains are the probability of his achievements and love. We will miss him and his acting. Stay tuned for more.

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