Conjoined Twins SURGICALLY REMOVED! You Won’t BELIEVE How Long the Procedure Lasted!

Today, modern medical science has developed so much that many of the unimaginable thing can now be easily done with the help of medical science.

One of such case is the case of “Erin” and “Abby”. They were twins and were conjoint with each other. And through modern science their unimaginable operation becomes successful.

This was a miracle performed by the great scientist through the modern technology. After many hours of operations Erin and Abby get separated safely. And we are going to tell you how this operation had done and what where the after effects that the both separately felt.

On July 24, 2016, Erin and Abby Delaney were born as twins. Both the sisters were conjoined at their skulls. The tiny tots were delivered by cesarean 10 weeks early, but despite that, the miracle pair were strong and doing well.

On June 7, surgeons took them into the operating room at the children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Before the Delaney twins, the hospital had performed 23 separation surgeries, but with each one being different it was difficult to predict what would happen to Erin and Abby. Especially considering that twins conjoint by their heads is the most rare form of this kind.

The surgery took 11 hours and required 30 healthcare professionals to be present. Each baby was hooked up to separate equipment, which was marked with different colors to ensure there was no confusion.

Although the operation was successful, some complications appeared to Abby after the operation. The surgeons discovered that some of her internal organs were organs were not in the correct place, so a surgeon has to re-position them, which added further delay to her recovery. However, except all that every thing with Erin and Abby is perfectly fine. Stay tuned for more.

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