LEAKED! Mia Khalifa Gets REJECTED By Juju Smith! You Won’t BELIEVE What He Told Her!

Mia Khalifa is one of the famous celebrities who changed her way away from the porn industries. In short, she is one of the famous ex-porn stars. Her new way of life might be difficult as she used to work in the porn industries. But given the fact that she is strong and confident, she can handle a few haters.

She has lots of followers on Twitter and she is quite popular too. But recently one of her tweets had caused quite a stir. And we are going to tell you what she had tweeted which caught up everybody’s attention.

The young and handsome NFL player John Sherman “Juju” Smith- Schuster is a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League. He is currently the youngest player in the NFL.

Yes, you all are thinking right, Mia Khalifa had tweeted something related to Juju Smith- Schuster. But not only her tweet had caused this stir, Juju Smith- Schuster’s reply is also responsible for that.


But don’t get excited over Mia Khalifa’s tweet on Juju Smith- Schuster. Even though the NFL star is flattered by her flirtatious message, he’s still got his eye on the prize – his football career. Although, she is very attractive and quite popular in the entertainment business, but Juju is not taking her offer and he is staying focused on the team and his career especially.

Can’t blame Juju for staying on the ground and fans as he got the entire team behind him and he definitely knows that all these attraction will come to him if he keeps his focus on the prize. This hunky athlete had a shocking response to Mia’s tweet, and we are going to tell you what?

When Mia tweeted on October 24:“YOU’RE MY NEW FAVORITE FOLLOW ON TWITTER”, Juju Smith replied something, which shuts her down. He replied to her tweet “OH HELL NAH, I’M NOT FALLING FOR THIS LOL. I’M YOUNG NOT STUPID.”

It definitely proves that this young hunk has all focused on his career. Stay tuned to know Mia’s reaction to this tweet.

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