One-Legged Man With IMPRESSIVE CONFIDENCE – You Won’t BELIEVE His Halloween Costume!

Halloween is a very enjoyable festival. Lots of people wait for Halloween. The Halloween is a festival of decoration and fun. And the most interesting part of Halloween is the costume party. Everyone wears different costumes and pretends to be someone else and that’s the most fun part of it.

We are here to tell you about the special personality who always wins the Halloween costumes. His name is “Josh Sunquist.”

Josh Sunquist lost his left leg to a cancer condition, at only the age of 9. Josh had been given a 50% of survival rate, which is catastrophic. He took all chemotherapy needed as well as the amputation, and by the age of 13 Josh was free of cancer!

Josh situation didn’t bring him down; he used it as a tool to humor others. Josh is a motivational speaker and an author. He was well known for his innovative Halloween costumes year after year. His innovations made everyone forget that he does not have one leg.

His costumes always were unique and interesting and they always will be. And in terms of Innovative and fun his costumes always were at the top and in costume design competition he always wins.

Although Josh lost his one leg and that will always make him feel empty, but he always lives his life at the fullest. He always does some innovative and interesting effort to feel complete.

Josh senses that each costume that he’d wear reflects point of view of dealing with his amputation with nothing but humor. “I have always dealt with the social discomfort of my disability by having a sense of humor,” he said. “But now I am more comfortable with who I am and what I look like.”

Well, that’s definitely a symbol of bravery and self- dependency. Stay tuned for more.

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