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The SHOCKING Transition of Harry Potter’s Lead Actor Daniel Radclife Will AMAZE You! You Won’t BELIEVE What He Did!

One of the favorite series of every 90’s kid is the series of “Harry Potter”. The actors are still known by their character name more than their real name. One of the famous and leading character is Harry Potter himself, this role was played by Daniel Radcliffe.

Daniel who is 28 Years old, left Hogwarts behind him several years ago, but the boy who lived has followed him around ever since.

Daniel Radcliffe has been trying to shake his harry potter image for a while and now he finally succeeded by his new film “JUNGLE”. You won’t even believe what he had to do to change his image as childish actor.

He may be gone too far for this, but it definitely changes his image as a childish actor, We are going to reveal what he does that shake his image as harry potter and how he got into the viral section.

For shaking his childish image and to get to a more mature image, he did that thing which you never think off.

This child star strips off his innocence and clothes in the flick and the pictures from the scene are priceless. Daniel and his co-star Alex Russell and Joel Jackson strip naked in the Bolivian jungle and by that he might create a new image for himself where his image might not be as childish as it was at the time of The Harry potter series.

Although, he had pulled out a big public stunt, and his new film might give him a new image over the old one which is the childish actor “HARRY POTTER”. Well, for Daniel fan it would be a great movie worth watching as he had done some serious work. After that movie he won’t be the same childish actor anymore.


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