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Floridian Woman Is Glad That She Was RAPED By Her TEACHER, Find Out WHY!

In an astounding and victorious outcome for all women who have ever been touched inappropriately or sexually abused, a Floridian woman has been awarded almost $50 million after she was raped and tormented by her high school math teacher.

The victim was in her second year of high school when her male teacher took a liking to her. Allegedly, he forced her into performing sexual acts at the school multiple times. He also sent her unsolicited sexual images through social media.

According to documents, the school where Bresnniel Mones worked were aware that he had previously attempted to engage in a relationship with another student prior to the situation that landed him in prison. Reportedly, the school was informed about his inappropriate behavior after another young students’ parents discovered a slew of messages from Mones to their child. Despite knowing about his alarming behavior, the school did not reprimand Mones in any way. Speaking out now, the school states that they should have done more to protect their students from predators like Mones.

After being arrested for his sexual abuse of the teen victim, Mones served only half a year in prison. Once out from behind bars, he was forced to register as a sex offender, a title he will have to keep for the rest of his life.

As for the victim, who is now in her 20’s, she says that it does not matter about the money she has won. What is really important in her eyes is that she took down an offender who thought he had power over her. She states that there are so many people in the world who have gone through the same situation as she has, but that they need to be brave and speak out against their abusers. She believes that doing so will eventually make the world a better and safer place again.



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