Former Aviator Spending Life In Prison After Killing His 4-Year-Old Son, But Could He Be Innocent?

A former aviator was convicted on Monday in Colorado to spend the rest of his life in jail for the murder of his 4-year-old son.

The man was found guilty of the charge against him in August Colorado’s Fourth Judicial District Court of first-degree murder by a position of trust in 2016 death of Montana Glynn. In addition, Ralph was also condemned of second-degree murder when deliberation, he was accused of child abuse and recklessly that cause the death of his son.

Proper investigation proves that Ralph does not have it in mind to kill his son, but his actions towards his son lead to the death of the child.

Ralph’s defense lawyer, Rose Roy, tells everyone that her client maintains his innocence and appeal for mercy.

The Assistant District Attorney Donna told the judge during Ralph sentencing that he overheard him in a recorded jail phone call making gist that he currently had “one less baby mama.”

Ralph never meant it that way said Bilek, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

According to report, his son Montana was not feeling well on Dec 14 and Ralph have to call 911. He said to the authorities that he took sleeping medication, which makes him fall asleep whereas his son was in the bathtub, and he finds his son floating in the bathtub as at the time he wakes up.

The most surprising thing about what Ralph said was that as at the time the authorities arrived at the family’s apartment, they found that the bathtub was dry, as said by the police.

The question is could it be that child drank up all the water in the tub? According to Terry Thrumston, the Colorado Springs detective says that there is no water in the bathtub. He said that the child was not in the tub. He declared that the child was in the living room. The story was very different from was Ralph gives.

The detective makes it known to the judge that Ralph was the adult at home as at the time the incident happen. The mother of the victim who happens to be a military person was actively on duty at work.

Well, this is a disgusting case said Thrumston the detective. He said that the death or a murder of a child is a horrible thing.

Express your thoughts and tell us if you think the man murder his son.

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