Man Beats His Own MOTHER to DEATH With the One Thing Meant To Keep Her ALIVE

Imagine being killed by the one thing that you thought would keep you alive. Imagine being killed by the one person you never thought would harm you. Unfortunately, those imaginative thoughts became real life for Carol Croucher, who was murdered by her own son. His choice of murder weapon: her oxygen tank.

Croucher lived with her adult son, Joseph Wood. She was under the watchful eye of hospice workers who tended to her needs on a weekly basis. Riddled with several illnesses, her oxygen tank was essentially her lifeline. Knowing that she was near the end of her life, Croucher clung to her tank as a security blanket. With it, she felt safe and protected. She never would have expected for it to be used against her in such a horrific way.

On the day of her murder, Wood revealed that his mother was emotionally distraught. He shared with police that she cried all day long for some reason that he was unaware of. He claims that nothing could console her and that the house echoed with sobbing all day long.

According to Wood, he eventually reached the end of his rope and snapped when his mother would not stop her weeping. It is then that he allegedly picked up her oxygen tank and began beating her with it. Within moments, she was dead.

It is not yet known who discovered Croucher’s body or who called the authorities. However, when police arrived at the scene they immediately knew that a murder had taken place and they went out looking for Joseph Wood. They tracked him down a short while later and brought him in for questioning where he confessed to killing his mother.

Those who knew Croucher and Wood share that they are shocked at the tragedy that occurred. They say that they knew she was sick, so when they found out she passed away they assumed it was from natural causes. Never would they have guessed her own son killed her.



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