This Man Was Caught Making WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION In Florida, What Happened Next Was SHOCKING

Christopher Langer has been arrested after his dad called the police on him for being drunken and disorderly while also making threats to his family’s lives. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered a plethora of materials that could easily be used to make multiple weapons of mass destruction.

Langer, a known drug addict in his Floridian town, informed his parents that he had made an exploding grenade that he wanted to use. After noting the amount of alcohol that it appeared he had consumed, his father made the decision to get the authorities involved. When police arrived at the scene, they were shocked at what they found.

Chemical compounds, electrical devices, unknown powders and other kinds of substances were located in Langer’s bedroom. Investigators say that the materials could be used to create epic destructive bombs. They also state that it is lucky that they intervened when they did because those items in the wrong hands could end in catastrophe for many people. The materials collected from the bedroom have been confiscated and placed in a secure location where they are unable to cause any danger.

Christopher Langer had built a reputation in his community for being an avid drug user. However, authorities were unaware of his hobby of dabbling in weapons of mass destruction. Those who attended his residence on the night of his arrest state that they were thoroughly surprised to find out Langer’s plans of harming as many people as he could. They say they feel lucky that his weapons were not further along in their production because the visit to his house could have ended in a much more tragic way.

Langer is currently in custody and awaiting sentencing for the charges he faces. He more than likely has a lengthy prison sentence ahead of him.

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