Man Shoots Wife At Child’s Birthday Party, The Reason Why Will DISGUST You!

Children’s birthday parties are meant to be full of laughter, cake and fun. Parents are supposed to dread their children consuming too much sugar because they will be hyped up and never go to sleep. Parents should not have to scramble to protect their kids from getting shot at a birthday party. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened at a recent child’s birthday party that ended in cold blooded murder.

Cheryl Myny was attending a party with her two children when her husband entered the premises with a firearm in tow. Matthew Pilarowski walked over to his wife, engaged in a verbal altercation with her, pulled out the gun and shot her. He then fled from the building. Myny was taken to a local hospital by paramedics who arrived on the scene within minutes. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead shortly after.

Police began their search to track down Pilarowski within minutes of the fatal shooting. They made their way to the home that he shared with Myny and their two children. Upon entering the residence, authorities discovered Pilarowski dead from what appeared to be suicide.

Witnesses who were at the birthday party when the incident occurred revealed that there were over twenty children attending the festivities. Luckily, no one else was physically harmed during the shooting. However, the children present will now have to live with the image of seeing someone get shot in the head. As for the sons of the deceased, they are reportedly living with a relative and trying to adjust to the reality of their new lives.

There currently has been no word about a possible motive for the killing. Those who knew the married couple revealed that they had only gotten married earlier in the year, despite having been together for a number of years. They stated that the pair never showed any signs of trouble in their relationship other than the usual bickering that all couples go through.



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