A Convicted Murderer Has Been Allowed Inside A High School! What He Did Will SHOCK You

Walking through the halls of your high school, you’d never expect to cross paths with a student accused of murder. For one school in California, that is exactly what students and staff experienced.

Cameron Terrell has been accused of being the driver of a car used to transport two men from the scene of a murder. The victim, Justin Holmes, was gunned down by two suspects that then ran from the scene and hopped in a vehicle manned by Terrell. Once far enough away from where the shooting occurred, Terrell and the two other men went separate ways. It is not yet known how Terrell and the two other suspects know each other, or if there was any compensation in the act for Terrell.

Cameron Terrell’s parents were able to bail their son out of jail by paying millions of dollars. While awaiting his trial, Terrell was allowed to continue his education at his local high school. Allegedly, complaints from parents of other students began flooding in instantly. They worried for the safety of their children, as well as the reputation that the school now carried. Officials also complained that Terrell was becoming a huge interference not only to students, but also to teachers and staff, as well. Many claimed that the school was only allowing Terrell to remain as a student because his parents were very well off, well-known members of society.

Ultimately, the California high school determined that it would be better for everyone to expel Terrell from the school. A representative for the school has come forward with a statement saying that they have planned for Terrell to attend classes at another location while he continues to wait for court proceedings to begin. They state that it is in everyone’s best interest to remove Terrell from the school’s atmosphere.

If found guilty of gang affiliation and driving suspects away from the scene of a murder, Cameron Terrell faces decades behind bars.


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