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Elizabeth Smart Tortured By Abductors, You Won’t Believe What They Did!

            Elizabeth Smart underwent an ordeal of a lifetime when she was kidnapped from her home on June 5, 2002.  15 years ago Smart was only 14-years-old when Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee took her and kept her captive for nine months.  March 12, 2003 Smart was found about 18 miles from her home.  Both Mitchell and Barzee were initially ruled unfit to stand trial, once they were found competent Barzee was convicted in 2009 and Mitchell in 2010.  Soon after Smart kept from the public eye wanting to recover from her horrible ordeal in private and with her family.

            Now a days is a whole new story though.  Elizabeth Smart has since written a book about what she went through and is now helping produce the movies and documentaries about her experience.  “Elizabeth Smart: Autobiography”, set to air on A&E November 12-13 and “I Am Elizabeth Smart” airing on Lifetime on November 18th


            Walking into a trailer on the set of Lifetime’s filming, Smart was caught with a flashback as the actor who is portraying her capture was waiting for her.  Smart said that, “I just remember I saw him and it was just kind of like this moment of being taken aback because he looked so much like Brian Mitchell.”  Even though Mitchell is serving a life sentence, the feelings still came rushing back.

            Elizabeth has been helping producers accurately portray her experience.  As she testified in open court, Smart was raped every single one of the 281 days that she was held captive.  To make this movie accurate without being exceptionally graphic has proven to be the hardest part for Smart.  This has been the story that the country has been waiting for.  We all watch all those years ago as the search for Smart went underway and when she was finally found.  Even though the details of the events that took place have been leaked little by little over the years, these movies will definitely be eye opening for many. 

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