Father Neglects Toddler Because Of STRIPPERS! How He Got Caught Will SURPRISE You

There is nothing wrong with visiting the strip club if that is how you choose to enjoy your spare time. However, when you have two young children to be taking care of, perhaps a visit to the strip club is the most important thing for you to be doing.

Willie Jordan Jr. has been arrested after his toddler son and newborn baby were found alone in his vehicle outside a Florida strip club. Employees of the venue heard children crying outside, and when they went to investigate they discovered the two young boys unstrapped inside a car. As one worker called for the authorities, another was able to tell the toddler how to unlock the car door so he and his baby brother could be safely removed.

When police arrived, they took the two children into custody while they entered the strip club in search of their parent. Eventually, Willie Jordan Jr. stepped forward and confessed that the two boys were his sons. Police immediately began to question Jordan Jr. about his actions, and the neglectful father stated that he had only spent several minutes inside the club. Employees told a different story and shared that he had been in there for almost an hour.

Willie Jordan Jr. was arrested and has been charged with neglecting his children. Child Protective Services have gotten involved in the case and are looking into the boys’ home life to make sure they are cared for and nurtured properly.

The workers who discovered the two young children say they have never witnessed a situation like this. They share that they are just thankful they were able to make it to the boys in time before something bad happened to one of them. The strip club says they are now employing more security guards to keep watch outside of the premise so another situation like this can’t happen again.

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