Man Stabbed His Girlfriend In The Face, Because She Did THIS

Harries was seen walking down the street right before he murdered his girlfriend.

Dylan Harries stabbed his girlfriend’s face multiple times because he was jealous of her kissing another man.

Dylan will be sentenced for live for killing his 19 years old girlfriend Katrina Evemy. Right before he brutally murdered the girl he was pictured walking down the street to her home.

He murdered her thinking she kissed another man as he said on a court. He left her bleeding on her one year old child and then left her home.

Katrina spent seven days on life support machine but she didn’t survive this brutal attack.

When her mother spoke on the court she said that she couldn’t recognize her daughter on support machine because of her face injuries.

Harries first made statement that he found his girlfriend stabbed in the head, neck and and stomach when he entered her home. But, he left his DNK because of his braces.

Harries was previously described as possessive and jealous and he already texted several men from victim’s phone saying it’s her.

When he first entered her home he bit her hand and left his DNK so police found out he was the one who killed his girlfriend.

The first police officer who entered the house after this brutal attack described it as a blood bath and said that blood was everywhere – including all over her one year old daughter’s body.

Harries was previously described as jealous and possessive, and it’s known that he already took the victim’s phone and messaged several men she had in contacts saying it was her.

He will be behind the bars for minimal 27 years after he was described as liar and murderer on the court.

He killed her in front of her one year old daughter who was left covered in blood.

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