What This Man Did With His Wife’s DEAD Body Will Make You SICK to Your Stomach!

Justin Rey has been arrested after he confessed to chopping up his wife’s dead body in front of their two young children. Allegedly, he and his daughters hung out with the wife’s corpse for several days before he decided it was time to dispose of her.

Rey claims that his wife, who was pregnant at the time, their toddler daughter and himself checked into a hotel. In that hotel, his wife gave birth to their newborn daughter. Shortly after the child’s birth, Rey’s wife passed away. In two separate police interviews, Rey gave different answers about the nature of his wife’s death. In one interview, he stated that she had died naturally during childbirth, while in the other he claimed that she had killed herself shortly after delivering the baby.

Allegedly, Rey then took photos of himself and his daughters with the lifeless body of his wife. He and his kids stayed in the hotel room with the decaying corpse for a few days, and then Rey decided to dismember the body so it would be easier to move. In the hotel room’s bathtub, he chopped his wife up into pieces. Her body parts were then placed in bags and a cooling box.

Upon making their way out of the hotel, wife’s dead body in tow, Rey and his daughters made their way to a nearby town. It is there where people started to become suspicious about what Rey was carrying in his cooler and large carrier bag. Authorities were called and when they investigated the contents of the items, they discovered Jessica Rey’s remains.

Justin Rey was immediately arrested. In custody, he confessed to everything. The two young daughters have been placed in government custody while a suitable family member can be tracked down to take the girls. Rey is expected in court in the next few weeks. An official autopsy on Jessica Rey’s body is pending.

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