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Mean Girls Actor Daniel Franzese Accused Of Harassment, Is THIS EVIDENCE Enough?

Actor Daniel Franzese, levied serious accusations of harassment on Bijou Phillips. Daniel Franzese, who became famous for his role as Damian in Mean girls accused Phillips of harassment in a detailed note published on internet which went viral in minutes.

Daniel wrote the complete story of alleged assault by costar Bijou Phillips when they were shooting for the movie Bully.

“Bijou Phillips body shamed me and ridiculed me about my sexuality” said Daniel Franzese as he was unveiling the secrets of alleged assault.

I got scared and feared for my job as the anti-climax approach meant at my defamation and ridicule torn my inner self.

The particular point of the alleged harassment came when Daniel had to take his shirt off for a scene and Bijou Phillips screamed at she was pointing out at his body “Ewww gross!!!”

He urged the costar to apologize for her act of targeted humiliation. Initially she denied but later on Phillips ‘succumbed to injuries’ and did accept her ‘obnoxious’ behavior.

It took a long time for Daniel to reveal his sensitive secret out to media but as soon as he published the content, it had a good gathering of readers.


Film stars have levied accusations on each other time and again. It’s not for the first time an actor has blamed his costar for the alleged assault.

But the wounds tend to heal over a period of time as stars have to be professional and cannot avoid showbiz colleagues for long.

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