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PREGNANT Widow Starts CRYING After Trump’s HORRIBLE Statement

Grieving widow was called by US President after her husband’s death but his words didn’t make her feel any better.

US President Donald Trump has been criticized a lot these days because of his insensitive conversation with pregnant widow whose husband recently died in Niger.

President called her and told her that her husband knew what he signed for but that it hurts when something really happens.

His statement shocked publicity because of the way he spoke to the woman who lost a father of her unborn child.

The woman already had two children with La David Johnson who was only 25 years old when he died in Niger.

Disturbing video who was posted after received call showed a woman hysterically crying at her husband’s grieve while her six years old daughter was standing beside her and their two year old son was in her siblings hands.

People were very hard on US President on social networks, especially twitter. A lot of people commented that he didn’t deserve to be President of United States because he doesn’t love his people and that he shouldn’t even call her if he wanted to speak that way with somebody who just lost a closest family member.

She was crying while her six years old daughter was standing right next to her.

Donald Trump had a White House press conference recently and he said that a lot of ex US Presidents didn’t even make that call, but that he thought it would be nice to let know families of killed US soldiers that people think of them.

Trump said that even former US President Barack Obama never called families of victims, but that he likes to call people more than send letters to them when he has enough time for that.

A lot of people criticized him for this words, saying that Barack Obama always called every victim’s family and that he is a liar.

President changed his state after this, saying that he isn’t sure if Barack Obama used to call or he sent letters.

Trump was criticized for saying that former US President Barack Obama didn’t use to call victim’s families.

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