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President Donald Trump Gets Bombarded With RUSSIAN Flags, What Trump Did WILL Shock you

President Donald Trump had very uncomfortable situation when he arrived at Capitol Hill. President came there for luncheon with Senate Republicans, and a lot of people greeted him while he was walking.

But, not everyone greeted him nicely. One man protested by throwing Russian flags on President as he was walking by and Trump only smiled and showed thumbs up. Man also accused President for treason before security throw him out.

Man was yelling ‘Trump is treason! Trump is treason!’ as President walked by and many people are questioning how he could even enter the building with Russian flags but security said they had nothing to do with it and that they didn’t know what he had with himself.

Man is previously known to the police and his name is Ryan Clayton. He came into the building wearing a suit and nobody predicted that he could do that. He protested on a similar way back in June this year when he tried to make Donald Trump’s son in law and his adviser Jared Kushner autograph Russian flags that he was throwing in their face.

For now, nobody knows how Clayton entered the building because it was closed to the tourists, but police is researching.

Clayton also protested on Trump earlier this year when he came to President’s annual conference and waved with Russian flags while President was talking. Flags had Trump’s sign on them, and people from the crowd didn’t realize it was Russian flag until police throw the man out.

For now, it’s not known how Clayton entered the building because it was closed to the tourists and some people think he had a deal with some security guard.

President said that he didn’t even hear the man saying ‘Trump is treason’ because the crowd was too loud.

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