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You Won’t Believe How Uber Drivers Are RAPING Young Girls, Shocking Trend!

Ontiveros was found guilty of raping a girl who called him to take her home after she got drunk, because her DNK was found on his penis.

A woman called the police a day after incident happened and when police asked her why she didn’t called them earlier she said that she isn’t sure if she was raped but that her genital area was hurting really bad.

Ontiveros is denying accusations that he raped the girl saying that she was too drunk and that he couldn’t wake her up and that he had to take her home.

Ontiveros denied that he raped the girl, he said that she was drunk and that he was only doing his job which was to take her home.

Raped girl said that she couldn’t call the police at the night when the incident happened because she was too drunk.

Police found woman’s DNK on Ontiveros penis, so they charged him for raping, but he denied it even then saying that she wasn’t able to communicate with him because she was too drunk and that he didn’t do anything.

When they came to the destination she said, driver woke her up and said that she needs to leave the car, and she said ok and just fell asleep again. Then, he took her to his home.

He said that he then drove a couple of times around a block and he was keeping his Uber tab opened so he could earn more money, but when the woman didn’t wake up, he decided to take her home.

Ontiveros picked up the girl from San Antonio downtown and then took her home and raped her.

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