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Young Teacher Accused of Having SEX with Student. What Police Found When They Arrested Her will SHOCK You!

When parents send their kids off to school each day, they never expect that the person they trust with their child’s well-being will ever betray them. Unfortunately, more often than we’d like, teachers do act inappropriately with their students and end up turning multiple families’ lives upside down.

Hunter Day, a high school science teacher, has been arrested after allegedly having a sexual relationship with one of her underage male students. Reportedly, the boy’s parents discovered a slew of messages and images on the boy’s phone alluding to the inappropriate relationship. Immediately, they notified the authorities, as well as the high school where Day worked.

Police decided to work with the teen and his family in order to catch Day in the act of inappropriate behavior. On the day they planned to apprehend the young teacher, they found out that she and the teen boy were supposed to meet at her home. When authorities arrived at Day’s residence, they entered the property to find Day awaiting the boy’s arrival with a room full of candles and she was dressed in very little clothing. She was instantly taken into custody by police and questioned about the nature of her relationship with her student.

Hunter Day confessed to sending explicit images to the teen boy and having sexual intercourse with him on several occasions. She is looking at multiple criminal charges, including possessing lude images of an underage child.

The school where Day works, and where her husband also works as a sports coach, has spoken out about the situation by stating that they are appalled at the actions taken by one of their trusted staff members. The school shares that they have no intention of keeping Day as a teacher and that they are offering support to any students or staff who have been negatively affected by the shocking incident.

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