This Emmy Award Winning Actor Is LEAVING The Show That Made Him a Household Name. Wait Until You Hear WHY!

Jeffrey Tambor has announced that he will no longer continue his run as the transgender woman Maura Pfefferman on the hit television show, Transparent. The news comes just weeks after Tambor was accused of sexual assault by one of his former assistants.

Tambor adamantly denies all of the allegations that have been made against him, but claims that the atmosphere that has been created on the set of the TV show due to the accusations is not an environment that he wants to work in. He says he feels like he can no longer portray his character in an accurate and professional manner due to the vibes that have arisen.

The former assistant of Tambor’s that hinted at the actor’s misconduct through a post on social media claims that he said inappropriate things to her, touched her without asking and warned her not to tell anyone about their encounter or she would have to suffer the consequences. Tambor maintains that he never did any of the things mentioned above, but has since apologized to the woman by stating that he is sorry if anything he ever said or did was misconstrued or taken out of context.

Another accuser came forward a few weeks after the original victim. The second accuser is an actress on the show with Tambor and she alleges that he also made inappropriate comments toward her while they were filming a scene for the show.

The creator of the TV show has released a statement saying that they are taking the allegations made against Tambor very seriously. She says that there is no place on the set for any misconduct or abuse and that the show is launching a full investigation into the accusations made by both women.

The loss of one of the show’s main characters doesn’t seem to be bothering the writers and the producers of the show. They say that they are more than capable of taking it in a different direction due to the number of great characters and actors they have in the cast.

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