INFAMOUS Cult Leader And KILLER Charles Manson Found DEAD, Find Out How He Died!

The man who led a cult of terrifying and violent followers who committed several brutal murders back in the 60’s has died from natural causes at a hospital near the prison where he had been held since 1971.

Charles Manson was an infamous murderer and cult leader who used his ability to connect with those people who felt like they were outsiders as a way to build up an army of followers who worshipped him and everything he stood for. His followers’ admiration and adoration toward him resulted in their strict obedience and willingness to do whatever her asked.

Manson believed that he and his family of followers had the responsibility to try and trigger a massive war between members of society. Their way of attempting to start this war was by killing innocent people, one of them a well-known actress and her friends. The killings were carried out in such a brutal manner and were fully masterminded by Manson, himself. For days, people living in the Hollywood area feared that the Manson Family would show up at their house and kill them.

Charles Manson and his followers were eventually arrested for their crimes and sentenced to death. However, after several years of imprisonment, their sentences were reduced to life in prison.

Manson maintained his warped frame of mind for the rest of his life, while some of his followers alleged that they had seen the error of their ways. No matter what reasoning the murderers gave for their actions, the families of the victims taken by the Manson Family will forever have to deal with the thought of how brutally their loved ones were taken from them.

Many are saying that Manson’s death is the end of an era and that the world will be able to heal now that such an evil and devilish man has passed away. Some are saying that they can’t believe it has taken this long for him to die and that he should have been killed within days of going to jail.

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