This Man Paid The ULTIMATE Price for Protecting His Son. What Happened Is Truly HEARTBREAKING!

A father of almost a dozen children was stabbed right in front of his kids by two teenage thugs who were attempting to steal one of his son’s shoes. When he confronted the two robbers, this loving father suffered the ultimate price.

Jose Malave witnessed two teen boys trying to rob the shoes off of his young son’s feet. When he intervened and told the teens to keep on moving, they acted in a way no one could ever have imagined. The two boys pulled out a knife and stabbed the protective dad multiple times. He attempted to make his way back to his apartment to get help, but collapsed in the doorway as several of his children looked on in horror.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, Malave was pronounced dead. The two thieves were tracked down by police and arrested. Based on their ages, only one of the suspects has been named. When questioned by authorities, the pair stated that they saw the young boy on the street and decided that they wanted the sneakers he was wearing. As they went over to the boy and tried to swipe the shoes off his feet, Malave allegedly rushed over and began fighting with the teens. They say that they acted in self-defense and felt that stabbing Malave was the only way to protect themselves.

Despite their effort at playing the victim, police did not believe the teens’ story and they have been charged with murder, among several other things. If convicted, the two boys could face a lifelong sentence in prison.

Jose Malave’s life was cut way too short and for absolutely no reason other than he was trying to defend his son. 11 children now have to go through life without their father, knowing that he was taken from them in such a brutal and unnecessary manner.

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