Psychopath Murderer ESCAPED 3 Times From Tenebrous Hospital! What The Police Did To Keep Him There Will DISGUST You!

A psychopath who is involved in a brutal murder deceived the authorities to manage a successful escape.

The murder flew to California from Hawaii but luck didn’t favor him as he was soon identified as a psychopath with a cruel murder sting.

The murderer was hospitalized on account of his poor mental health as he was involved in anti-social, rebellious activities aimed at discomforting people.

Finally he paved his way to become an assaulter of the highest order that is gained the title as a murderer.

Randal Saito was detained near Stockton, after a cab driver identified the culprit as wanted criminal and murderer.

He was sent into San Joaquin jail and is awaiting extradition to Honolulu.

He was involved in the murder of Sandra Yamashiro and was sent to a mental rehabilitation center primarily because of the way he carried out the assault.

The body of the deceased, Sandra Yamanshiro, was full of scars and horrific dents all the way through her body.

The suspect shot her followed by a series of stabbing into her body to be truly called as a psychopath.

Saito, 59, made an escape from hospital on Sunday, boarded a chartered plane to Maui.

Here at Maui he boarded another plane to San Jose in California where he was re held with the help of the taxi driver who correctly identified the person as Saito, the assaulter of an innocent.

More than 20 people made a ‘safe’ exit from the hospital in a last decade.

Most of the escapes have been made during the times when patients are allowed to move out for some reasons, some of them never return.

Saito didn’t opt for this option. He made the officials turn a blind eye towards him and made a safe discourse.

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