University Professor ARRESTED on MULTIPLE Charges! Find Out What HORRIBLE Things She Did Here!

A professor at Northern Arizona University has been arrested on several charges after multiple male victims came forward stating that she had been stalking them and creating false stories about them committing sexual assaults.

Melissa Santana is accused by several firefighters and a student who claim that she sent them threatening messages through social media and that she attempted to ruin their reputations by spreading inaccurate allegations about their behavior.

According to one victim, he and Santana dated for a few months. When they broke up, she keyed his vehicle and reported to his boss that he was engaged in a sexual relationship with a minor. Santana, who has a husband, allegedly stalked the victims on social media by creating fake accounts and purchasing several cell phones in order to contact them.

Authorities were able to trace all of the fake social media profiles and phone number back to Melissa Santana. She was apprehended by police and taken in to custody. When questioned about her actions, she denied all of allegations. Despite all of the evidence that officials have against the professor, she maintains that she is innocent and never did any of the things the victims are claiming she did.

It is not known what the relationship between Santana and the other victims was. However, because a student was one of the accusers, Northern Arizona University has dismissed Santana from her position as a professor. Police still do not know the motive behind her actions, apart from the victim that was previously in a relationship with her. Santana is due in court within the next few weeks and will face quite some time in prison if she is convicted.

As for her husband, he has not released a statement on the crimes committed by his wife. However, it is safe to say that he is probably not thrilled at the fact that his wife chose to spend her free time focused on multiple other men.


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