This Woman Was FORCED To MARRY Her Own Cousin. What She Did Next Will SHOCK You!

The emotions of love were on a very high as they were moving around in a beautiful remote settings of an Indian village.

Everything looked fine, she was sure she will convince her parents for marriage.

She never bothered about the restrictions imposed by her parents. She wanted to live in her own way.

Now she was a graduate, and meant business. She was in surge of a decent job though her parents never allowed her a job.

They wanted her to get married soon. They had found the ‘right partner’ for her. It was her dad’s relative and her first cousin, her uncle’s son Raj.

Divya wasn’t interested in him. She wanted to marry with a person of his own choice and it was her college mate who helped him getting along against all odds from family.

Rohan knew that Divya’s parents won’t ever agree as Rohan belonged to a relatively poor family whereas Divya’s father was associated with medical profession.

Finally Divya had to succumb to injuries, as her parents forced him into marriage.

She had no option left as Rohan wasn’t interested in court marriage.

He wanted to marry but with prior consent of parents.

6 months passed by and Divya had adjusted into her new house and was now settling in and forgetting her past.

She received a phone call from one of Rohan’s friend saying that Rohan isn’t well and is in isolation.

He may not live long and only I can take you to him.

She got upset as he had long memories associated with Rohan and definitely he was good guy.

I will go to see him. She moved out without informing his husband to avoid any questioning.

She reached the spot as told by Rohan’s friend. He was waiting, asked her to sit in the car so that they can make a move.

Divya was starved to death right as his friend stabbed her to death, shouting “I always longed for you, you never paid any heed to me and loved Rohan”.

The screams of the 23 year old couldn’t be heard by anyone as it was wide open field miles away from any population.

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