This Woman Lost Custody of Her Daughter. What She Did Next Will BLOW Your Mind!

Jody Herring’s daughter was taken away from her after Herring was placed in a psychiatric hospital for issues she needed to overcome. Herring spent several months under the care of psychiatrists who determined that she was eventually healthy enough to be released. What Herring did once she was released will have those who signed off on her dismissal feeling guilty for the rest of their lives.

Upon release from hospital, Herring was still unable to have custody of her daughter. She wanted nothing more than to be able to take care of her child and have her back in her life, but that was just not possible. A hatred began to brew in Herring’s heart toward the people she felt were responsible for her daughter being taken away from her.

Herring took matters into her own hands and killed her cousins and aunt, who her daughter was living with. She also decided to kill the social worker who made the decision to report Herring’s worrisome behavior that landed her in a psych ward. In an interview after the killings, Herring stated that she felt the need to kill all four women because they deserved to die for what they had done to her.

Jody Herring has been sentenced to a life in prison for the murders of her family members and a child protection service worker. Those who knew Jody prior to the slayings say that she was not well enough to be released from the psychiatric hospital and that whoever said she was should feel remorse for putting so many peoples’ lives in danger. Her family genuinely believes that if Herring had not been released from the mental facility when she was, their other family members, as well as the social worker, would still be alive today.

The one thing Herring wanted was her daughter back in her custody, but due to her actions that is something she will never get to experience ever again.

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