Woman Thought It Wasn’t A Ghost, But Changed Her Mind. Could This Finally Be The Proof That Ghosts EXIST?!!

This was one of the very rare and scariest moments of my life. Nobody believes me for long but my mom eventually did because she felt and sense the same shiver once she saw her.

I have read many horror stories but never believed them to be true. But when I felt some mysterious, strange creature with eyes widely lit open starring at me and perishing I came to know that our planet is not occupied by humans only.

Maybe he wasn’t a ghost, but he had a ghost like appearance. Down into my bed, I was thinking about my schedules for tomorrow when I fell asleep.

I used to live alone in one of the apartments in central Florida. I rented the house a month ago.

It was a three storey building and my apartment was on the second floor.

When I woke up to take a leap or two to turn the room light off, as soon I did it I heard a cough sound in lounge.

Well, it could have in neighborhood, I said in monologue. I was in a semi-conscious mode as I was deep in sleep and just woke to turn the light off when I saw a shadow from the window of the room.

Big heavy structured person was moving through my lounge. Definitely it would be a thief who has sneaked in somehow.

I picked the phone to call the police when the door of my room opened just like a thunderstorm is paving its way inside.

He entered the room, passed a friendly gesture. I could only see and remember his eyes as they were shining in a partially abnormal way.

I couldn’t utter one single word even though I tried to say something to that unknown creature that seemed becoming a friend of mine.

He stayed there for less a minute and moved out. I put my hands on my eyes; I didn’t want to know anything about it. I knew people won’t believe me one bit and only I know what I have witnessed.

The house always looked shrouded by mystery and it wasn’t occupied for over 3 years.

Now I could understand why.

Only my mom agreed to what I said and let a helping hand in curbing out menace.

For others it just a delusion and a mere hallucination.

I have changed my locality since then, but whenever I used to pass by this apartment, I recall these moments of fright.

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