Women Tries To KILL Her Husband! The Way He Got Away Will AMAZE You!!

He with the help of police disguised himself as being dead, so her wife couldn’t fulfill her dream of murdering her.

Roman Sosa, a boxing trainer and a gym owner in Houston faked his own death to escape her wife’s murder plot.

As soon as he came to know that her wife has hired a hit man to kill him, Sosa was quick to envisage a plan.

He took the help of local police to hide him somewhere in the safer place and spread the rumor of being dead.

This was a necessity and it meant only at avoiding a target killer’s gun shot.

Husband wife relation lacks effectiveness at times and is vulnerable to suspiciousness.

Some sort of mistrust forced Mrs. Sosa to apply for divorce.

Maria de Lourdes Sosa wasn’t happy with the divorce proceedings as it was taking too much time and wanted the decision in haste.

This resulted in emergence of atypical, psychotic thoughts of murdering his husband to pave her way out.

She made a deal and hired a hit man to shoot him. But unfortunately for her, the plan was revealed to Mr. Sosa and he made a plan in ‘deterrence’ to escape the extreme enmity of her wife or ex-wife.

Maria unknowingly approached one of her husband’s friends who are named Gustavo to hire a hit man.

She didn’t know that he is a companion of Sosa.

Gustavo helped Sosa escape the death plan in the nick of time.

Suspiciousness in marital relations provokes anxieties, depressions, slowness and recklessness of thoughts.

This is what exactly happened in Roman Sosa’s case.

His wife never showed off she was envious of her. Definitely she wasn’t happy for some reasons which forced her into this plan.

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