35 Children Claim This Priest Had MOLESTED Them, What Police Found Was Surprising!

A Catholic priest has been accused of sexually abusing 35 children over the course of 24 years. Father Adam Prochaski was a priest at a church in Queens, New York. Allegedly he abused children as young as five years old in their homes, in his car, in the church and at their schools. According to reports, knowledge of his abuse was widespread throughout the entire congregation.

Insiders have stated that the majority of the children who were abused by Father Adam were girls, and that a lot of the young boys made up nicknames for the pastor because they knew what he was doing.

A woman who worked at the church as a teacher during the time the sexual abuse was taking place says she was informed by seven victims that Father Adam was touching them inappropriately. She states that she reported the alleged abused to higher officials several times, but each time she did the accusations were shrugged off and laughed at like it was common knowledge that Father Adam was a pervert.

With 35 people currently accusing Prochaski of sexual abuse, officials say they are preparing for even more people to come forward with their claims against him. Father Adam Prochaski stopped working as a priest in the mid-90’s. Reports claim that a sudden detachment from the church indicates that a priest is usually seeking treatment for child sex offenses and is no longer welcome at the congregation.

While the 35 victims are scarred for life from the abuse they endured as children, their bravery in coming forward with their accusations is not only going to encourage more people to step forward, but it is also going to help shed a light on the long-running issue of sexual abuse in churches. By highlighting such a tragic incident, hopefully more people will become aware of the problem.

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