Ben Affleck Ruins His REPUTATION, What He Did Will Make You Want JUSTICE!

Benjamin Geza Affleck Boldt, most popularly known by the name Ben Affleck. He is a 45-year-old handsome and popular American actor, director, producer and screenwriter and had achieved various awards like the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Awards and Screen Actor Guild Award.

Recently Ben Affleck’s seems to a bit of an angry and furious mood and the reason behind this could be the Joke he made on social media platform.

But what was the joke Ben Affleck made? Why did he make a fun of this topic? What was his intention? All these questions should be answered soon. We will tell you all about the joke he made and the reaction and response he gets.

Recently, in an interview with the JUSTICE LEAGUE cast members, Ben Affleck tried to make the fun of the allegation regarding Sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood and that joke made the public get pissed and angry. We will reveal all the necessary data related to the joke and the reaction of media and Ben Affleck’s fans.

In the interview with the cast of Justice League, they were discussing, which another character should join them. Ben point toward Super girl saying it would be nice to have more women. When the group asked how their presence affects the movie, Ray admitted that it would create a different dynamic.

But soon Ben commented, “You following the news at all?” Many people feel that his comment is making fun of the recent sexual allegations in the news and it made them angry. One person wrote, “you know what? F** Ben Affleck.”

However, Ben’s intention was not to make a fun of these criminal activities, but we can say nothing about that. Stay tuned for more.


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