Brad Pitt Can’t Get Over Angelina Jolie, So He DOES THIS!

William Bradley Pitt is an American actor and producer. He married to one of the famous actresses of all the time named “ANGELINA JOLIE”. He married her on 23 August 2014. The relationship of this love couple has always been on headlines.

In other word their relationship is a complicated matter. Recently, there had been Rumors about Brad Pitt having affairs with a young actress, who looks a lot like his wife Angelina Jolie. We are going to clarify how much these rumors are true.

It’s true that Brad Pitt’s marriage life is a complex subject, there was lots of time this couple fought in public, but they never get separated.

And now rumors about Brad Pitt cheating her wife, for a young actress who looks a lot-like Angelina Jolie is spreading in the air. The name of the actress whose name is with Brad Pitt on the headlines is “Ella Purnell”.

Ella Purnell is an English actress, and had done lots of movies like “LET ME GO”, “WILDLIKE”, “MALEFICENT” and much more.

Brad Pitt caused quite a stir when reports claimed he was dating actress Ella Purnell, but does he really see this Angeline Jolie look-alike? Well, it seems that the rumors about Brad Pitt dating Ella Purnell are just a bunch of hot airs. Sure, Brad admires Ella’s work and there isn’t any doubt that she is gorgeous but there is no truth behind all these rumors of Brad dating Angeline Jolie look-alike Ella Purnell.

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