Fake Facebook User ASSAULTS Family, What They Did In Return WILL Enrage you!

Getting betrayed by a fake Facebook user is a common thing. But loosing everything because of a fake Facebook user happen often? And by everything I meant everything, even the waste newspaper. I think not. It even seems illogical to think that because of a fake Facebook user you can lose all your belongings. But here is a case, which proves that it can be possible.

We are going to tell you about an incident, which can change your way of thinking, making you believe anything can be possible in today’s world. We are here talking about a family who gets robbed by a Fake Facebook user. The robber took everything, from the engagement ring to the kids’ toy. Everything was gone.

The family watched all their belongings (approximately $13,500) had been driven away by a man they hired via Facebook to move their belongings. This is the story of Becky Szenk and Mark Higgins. They are from Walsall, England.

They were moving out from their old house to the new one they just leased. They hired a man named “Lee Green” to deliver the belongings. The belongings were to be transferred to the new place of residence, “The Horse and Jockey pub,” but the man disappears with their home in the back of a van and they were left with nothing.

Maybe you have heard about robbing in the dark or when no one was present, but this is a different story. Getting robbed in the daylight and watching the every move of you getting robbed and even helping the criminal rob yourself, it’s a very different story. However, this whole story leads to the same old saying: Never trust anyone; in this cruel world someone can even rob you babies birth certificate.

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