Female Teacher & Coach ARRESTED For Forcing Student To Have SEX! The Way They Got Caught Was SHOCKING!

Teachers are considered as the person sent by the god to teach us. Everyone knows that no matter who the person is if he/ she is a teacher, everyone should respect him/ her. A teacher guides students on his path.

It is the duty of every teacher to push their students to the right path. The tag “Teacher” denotes reputation, and it is a high reputation. If someone is a teacher, he/ she must educate students. But here is a different story. We bring you today a story of a teacher and a coach, who forced her student for sex. It is surely shocking to hear that a teacher can do something like that, especially a female teacher. But it is true.

Although it sounds unbelievable and false accusation on a reputed teacher, it is really true. We will tell you all about the teacher and her charges for forcing a teenage student for sex. We will reveal every bit of information related to this incident, including the identity of that teacher and the charges she is facing for his crimes.

Katherine Ross Ridenhour is the name of that teacher. She is not just a teacher, along with being a teacher; she is a cheerleading coach too. She is 23 years old, and she is a science teacher and cheerleading coach at Cox Mill High School. She was arrested for his crime as she forced a 17-year-old student to have sex with her. After her arrest, she gets fired from her school, where she was teaching science and was cheerleading coach. She faces the charges of sexual harassment of a child and many more.

Although, these types of crimes are increasing day by day, and authorities should do something about these crimes.

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