Harvey Weinstein Charged For HARASSMENT On Solid Grounds! You Will Be Surprised By The Way He Tried To Defend Himself!

An American film producer and one of the former film studio executive named Harvey Weinstein, who is also a co-founder of Miramax, which produces several popular independent films that includes “THE CRYING GAME”, “SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE” and “PULP FICTION”. For producing Shakespeare in love, Harvey Weinstein won Academy Award also. Weinstein and his brother Bob were co-chairmen of The Weinstein Company.

Recently, Harvey Weinstein has been accused for intimate harassment or assault claim and it is most recent in a line. And we are going to reveal about the woman who claims that Harvey Weinstein abused her intimately.

The woman is “Dominique Huett.”  Dominique Huett is reportedly taking the Weinstein Company to the cleaners, claiming that former executive Harvey Weinstein coerced her into going to the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills with him and assaulted her.

According to an interview she was invited to Harvey’s room under the pretense of business meeting. Dominique claims that Harvey went into the bathroom, wearing just a robe and first asked for a massage, then demanded one and she said no.

Harvey then forced her to let him perform oral intimacy on her and then masturbated until she reached orgasm. Dominique alleges Harvey said he would get her a role on “Project Runway” after the encounter.

These all interviews and claims might prove that he had sexually assaulted Dominique Huett. And she had to pay what deed he has. On this government had to take some strong actions.

However, this is now becoming a common thinking that persons having money and fame can get whatever they want.

But it’s time for them to change their thinking, as there are lots of things that money can’t buy. And they can’t force anyone against their will just because they have money and fame.

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