Justin Bieber STALKER Got DETAINED, What She Did Was DISTURBING!

Justin Bieber, a 23 year Canadian singer and songwriter is one of the most famous celebrities among the teenager. RBMG has signed him in 2008 by a talent manager, who discovered him through his YouTube videos. With 102 million followers on Twitter, Justin Bieber is the second-most followed user on Twitter. Talking about Fan following, A Justin Bieber fan was arrested today. You won’t believe what Justin’s fan had done. We are going to tell you what his fan did?

Yes, it’s true that Justin Bieber is very popular and his fan following is more interesting than his songs and his action. There are Beliebers and then there is this fan. A Justin Bieber fan was arrested today after being caught trespassing on the singer’s property for the third time this week. After this incident, Justin Bieber is okay, but the whole story is BIZARRE. We will tell you about this amazing fan of him.

The woman, who was arrested on the singer’s property on OCT. 23, is 40 years old, and police provide a statement that she had wandered over to his home for the third time this week. We know what are you thinking, what the heck?

According to the police statement, the very Belieber has made her way onto Justin’s property two previous times in the last week. Security had warned her to stay away, but it seems she couldn’t take a very direct hint. The fan reportedly made it on to the property, but did not get inside Justin’s House. However, that was a good thing because Justin Bieber was present at that time in his home.

Although, this type of incident has always been found with the celebrities but In the matter of Justin Bieber its always special and a fan of age 40, that’s a lot different. Stay tuned for more.

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