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Kim Jong Un SENTENCED President Donald Trump To DEATH! WHAT?!!

Recently, the anger between President Donald Trump and Russian Leader Kim Jong UN has reached to a new height. Previously Donald Trump tweeted something about Russian leader Kim Jong UN, because of which Russian leader Kim Jong UN had sentenced United States President Donald Trump to death. But what did trump tweeted and how does Russian leader Kim Jong UN react on that and why did he tweet all that? We will answer all these questions and reveal all the planning made by Russian leader Kim Jong UN to sentenced President Donald Trump to death.

When the Russian leader called President Donald Trump “old,” in his comment President Trump tweeted calling the Russian leader Kim Jong UN “short and fat.” This news spread like a wildfire and reached to the Russian leader Kim Jong UN. But what was his reaction to this tweet? How is he going to punish President Donald Trump for this? We will tell you the answers to these questions. We will reveal the planning made by the Russian leader Kim Jong UN to eliminate President Donald Trump for calling him “SHORT AND FAT” soon.

Now, in the North Korean newspaper, state-owned media has declared Trump as a threat and sentenced to death by the North Korean People. According to our source, this is due to the fact that President Donald Trump had insulted their leader Kim Jong UN. In the newspaper of North Korea, the article reads, “He dares to insult the leader, this is the worst crime for which he can never be pardoned. He had hurt the dignity of the supreme leader, he is just a hideous criminal who is sentenced to death by Korean People.” That surely confirms the anger between these two nations.

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