Man Sends Prostitutes For His Children 75 Times, What They Neighbor Did Will Make You Smile

The relation between neighbors is very unique. They are like a family living in two different houses. When we shift to a new house, we first check the nature of our neighbor. Having a neighbor is essential as they are the support of any need and help.

Also, having a neighbor makes us socialized. They hang out together, enjoy together and sometimes make fun of each other. But what if the fun goes wrong? We are going to tell you a story of a man who got arrested on the neighbor’s complaint. We will reveal what does the man did and why is he getting arrested.

It is the story of a Nebraska man, who has been sentenced to four years of prison. The reason behind this is very unusual, the man accused of sending prostitutes to strip on his neighbor’s front door. Douglas Goldsberry of Elkhorn was accused of hiring prostitutes to bare their breasts and strip on the neighbor’s porch and he used to watch from his house.

The neighbor family has two small children and they accused Goldsberry for sending prostitutes for nearly seventy five times, since 2013, exposing nearly naked and sometimes yelling for payments and kicking the doors too.

The family also said that these things can affect badly on their children and it could be considered as child harassment. The man got arrested on Friday and he might face some charges, including possession of child pornography and may result in 20 years in prison.

However, the crime of that man has not proved yet, he was just accused of doing all these activities. Well, it surely irritates any neighbor and contacting police could be the best way. So stay tuned for more shocking news.

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