Woman BRUTALLY BEATEN By Man While on Her Way Home, What She Did To Defend Herself Will AMAZE You!

When a young mother was walking home from picking up dinner for her child after a long day at work, she never expected to wind up unconscious on the ground after being beaten by a deranged and vicious man.

Amanda Edwards was walking down the street to get some food for her young child. As she approached her destination, a man pulled up beside her in a car. He rolled down his window and began to touch his private parts while looking at Edwards. She instantly told him to keep moving or she would call the police. After a few more seconds of indecent exposure, he drove along.

However, instead of driving off into the night, he drove up to another woman who was walking with her daughter. Edwards ran toward the woman and told her to get away from the man as quickly as possible. The woman and her daughter took Edwards’ advice and sped off in a different direction. The man in the car then drove away.

As Edwards was walking home after picking up her supplies, the man suddenly reappeared in the vehicle. This time, he pulled up beside her and jumped out of the car. He began beating Edwards, punching her in the face multiple times. Edwards fell to the floor and passed out. After several minutes, she regained consciousness and made her way back to her house. It was only when she was back at home that she realized her face had been severely injured. She called 911 and police and paramedics arrived at her house.

It turns out that Edwards will need to have surgery to reconstruct some bones in her face that were damaged in the attack. A teenager has been arrested for the crime after Edwards’ description of the man was given to authorities.

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