You Won’t BELIEVE What This Woman Was HIDING In Her Closet. It’s DISTURBING!

Barbara Wozniak has been arrested after the dead body of her husband was found in a closet in her house. Allegedly, the closet had been plastered and bricked over in an attempt to disguise it.

When authorities arrived at Wozniak’s home after her children notified them that their mother had told them she killed their father because he was trying to strangle her, they instantly smelled what they know to be a decomposing body. They carried out a full search of the home, where they eventually discovered the closet that had recently been covered over.

After pulling down the bricks and plaster, police made their way into the closet and removed a large bag. Inside that bag was the lifeless body of Wozniak’s husband, Alfred. Not only was the large bag covered in duct tape, but the dead body also had tape around the ankles and wrists.

Barbara Wozniak has maintained her claim that she acted out of self-defense, however authorities say that the bullet wound in Alfred’s head tells a different story. The receipts for all the tape and tarps that were purchased just hours before authorities believe Alfred was killed also point at a premeditated murder.

Officials are launching a full investigation into the death of Alfred Wozniak and looking into his wife’s defense that she killed him because he was trying to kill her. Though authorities are carrying out the investigation, they are fairly confident that Barbara had the murder of her husband planned out for quite some time.

Neighbors who knew the older couple have spoken out about the incident by stating that they are completely shocked and appalled by what took place in their community. They say that the husband and wife never seemed to fight and always acted like they had a loving marriage that no one would have ever expected to end in murder.

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