Bella Thorne Makes Out With Family RELATIVE! You Won’t Believe WHO She’s Dating!

Bella Thorne is known for her attraction to both men and woman. She exposed her sexuality in August 2016, on Twitter. Since that, Bella had both girlfriends and boyfriends. She was even seen kissing her brother’s ex girlfriend.

Bella Thorne, a 19-year old Disney star kissing her new girlfriend proudly.

Bella re-tweeted picture of her and Tana Mongeau, young YouTuber, kissing, how she suggested there is a new person in her life. 19-year old vlogger Tana, previously tweeted, ‘I want to date @BellaThorne’, so her caption for photo this time was ‘Dreams do come true kids.’

Tana posted picture on Instagram too, captioning it with only ‘Mineeee.’ Pictures are showing Bella wearing denim and fishnets as she kisses young Tana with plenty o’ tongue.

Tana is a 19-year old American YouTuber and she is also popular on Twitter and Instagram where she has a plenty of followers and likes. She mostly vlogs story time videos.

Bella really enjoyed her visit to Sin City, her new lover’s hometown.

Bella was enjoying three day Life is Beautiful music festival in her new love’s hometown, Las Vegas all weekend long.

A wild-child singer posted a Snapchat video showing her as she grabbed Tina’s bosom, and then she kissed her. Bella also posted very big amount of green cannabis, captioning it ‘Like do you want this? Sure.’

Bella’s new girl looked playfully shocked at the time Disney star got closer to her chest, and then she shook with it.

Young star posed as she grabbed Tana Mongeau, as she continues diving her face into her full cleavage.

Bella used a three day Life is Beautiful festival to snap all of her looks, it was denim and fishnets yesterday and the day before she wore a yellow top and sassy captain’s hat.

Young singer also hooked up with Scott Disick, Keeping up With The Kardashians star and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-husband. Bella refused to admit that she had sexual relationship with Scott, and day after he walked smiled with Bella, he was pictured with his ex Chloe Bartoli.

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