Chris Brown Falls In LOVE With A TAKEN Actress! You Won’t What She Does For A Living!!

Chris Brown is a Singer, Songwriter and a Dancer too. He is a famous celebrity and he is the one having lots of successful albums which include “TURN UP THE MUSIC”, “YEAH 3X”, and much more. His career is at a good height and now his personal life has taken a slight turn.

The rumors about Chris Brown’s affair are winding around. But is really Chris brown having crush on someone? We are going to find out. We will let you know who is Chris Brown’s Crush?

Chris Brown, who is 28 years old, may not be the one dating Jennifer Lopez right now, but that does not mean he cannot look! Chris brown and Jennifer Lopez together! “Wait, no that’s not right.” Chris Brown confessed he’s got a thing for Alex Rodriguez’s girl during an interview and that is the reason of Alex Rodrigues’s girlfriend being the topic of discussion.

Chris brown brought up his mad affection for Jennifer Lopez after she starred in one of his music video. Chris confessed how nervous he was when he first met the legendary songstress, but that he is super into her.

In an interview the host pointed out sarcastically that she was sure A-Rod really appreciates that, Chris said, “My Bad,” while smirking. However the age difference between Chris and the singer pointed out by the host, but Breezy really doesn’t care. Chris said immediately, “She can get it any time, Seventy years old. I don’t even care. All the way.” Now, that is a celebrity crush.

Although, Chris confessed his affection and love for Jennifer Lopez, but that does not prove the rumors of their affairs. It looks like the rumors were just a bunch of hot airs. Well, how far Chris love life goes is worth to watch. So stick together for more.


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