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Donald Trump Get’s Tragically INSULTED! You Won’t BELIEVE By WHOM!

After some mass murdering or the tragic death of some people, government and officials only show their condolence. Although, we don’t expect much from them, they should feel sad for the loss of many innocent lives.

We all know that the higher authorities would never care for such loss, but they at least have to show some mourning for the public. But there are some higher authorities, which consider these things as just a process, which should be done.

No hard feelings. But this story is about one of the famous personality, who had done something because of which the people on social media platform slammed him. We will tell you more about what he did and what happened to him soon.

This is a story related to the President of United States Donald Trump. He has a habit of posting anything, whatever he likes on twitter. Recently, President Donald Trump had tweeted something, which results in everyone criticizing him for his tweet. We will tell you more about his tweet and the response he got soon.

President Donald Trump tweeted about the Sutherland Springs shooting that “May the mighty god be with the innocent people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI and the law enforcement are on the scene.”

The President Donald Trump for the shootout at California posted this. He completely forgets to change the city and country. People soon started to comment that he just uses copy and paste, someone says, “Please make sure to change the location for next time.”

Some person just compared him to a student who uses copy and pastes for his assignment and much more. After that President, Donald Trump had deleted that tweet. Although, it is too now too late.

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