Kim Kardashian’s Actual Body LEAKED, You Won’t Believe What Her BUTT Looks Like!

One of the pictures that went viral: Kim’s haters think this is the real image of her body, not the one that she promotes.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim Kardashian West recently cried while they were filming the new episode because she saw pictures of her vacation where she ‘doesn’t look real.’

Reality star was upset about photos that leaked and went viral, and she stated that people are just trying to make her look bad.

She said those photos make her feel insecure in her body and that they are not showing her real body image.

She was at the vacation with her friends celebrating her sister Kourtney’s 38 birthday, and paparazzi were all over the place. Pictures of Kim’s butt went viral because she didn’t look good as usual and had a lot cellulite.

Kim untagged herself from every picture she doesn’t look good on, and said that people are body shaming and criticizing her based on one picture that may be arranged by some paparazzi just so they could sell them by higher price.

This reality star is known by her emotional outbursts, but this time she really went crazy! She was yelling and didn’t want to go to the beach after that. Her sister Kourtney tried to comfort her by telling her that she can’t look perfect from every angle, but Kim was really mad.

She also cried when she called Joe, owner of the place they stayed in, saying she feels unsafe there.

Kim was feeling anxious from the beginning of her sister’s birthday celebration in Mexico. She called her friend who owns the place and cried because she ‘feels unsafe everywhere she goes after her Paris robbery’.

When she got back home, she talked to her BFF Jonathan, who told her everybody knows she looks perfect and that she shouldn’t be bothered by those pictures going viral, but reality star said that she feels gross when somebody body shames and criticizes her.


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