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Mother & Daughter Recently MARRIED! Is This EVEN LEGAL?

Humans are incredible and unique creatures. No one can understand humans, and the most interesting & amazing things about us are our attraction toward other humans. We already know a male human gets attracted to a female human.

Sometimes a male human gets attracted toward another male human, and sometimes a female human gets attracted toward another female human.

These all attractions are understandable, but here we brought you a story, where a daughter married her own mother and got arrested. We will tell you all about this incident and what had happened with these lovely women.

The attraction between the two women is becoming a common talk now. We bring you a story where a Daughter marries her own mother and somehow got arrested too.

Sexual relation between Parent and children are always considered as rape and pedophilia, but there are some rare incidents where Parents consent sexual relationship with their children.

The logical explanation behind this is that they are not biologically related to each other. In another word, this is a condition where the child has made the sexual relation to the non-biological parent.

Her grandmother adopted Misty Velvet Dawn Spann after her mother lost their custody. Her mother’s name is Patricia Ann Spann. This mother and the daughter began a relationship when they get reunited in 2014.

Their relationship becomes serious soon and they decided to adopt a child. They take their relationship to a new height and posted photos on social media with their adopted child.

And soon they got married as her mother said that they don’t share a surname anymore and its totally legal, but soon a worker of DHS child welfare discovers that they are mother and daughter and Misty got arrested and sentenced a 10-year of imprisonment.

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