The Rock INSULTS Tyrese Gibson & Threatens To Leave The Fast And The Furious Franchise! What He Did Will Make You Feel Unsafe!

The Fast and The Furious Series are among the top Hollywood movies and most popular too. All its characters play an important part, which makes the movie more interesting. After the Death of Paul Walker, the movie already feels like something missing.

It was hard to admit that Paul Walker, who plays the character of Brian O’ Conner is no longer among us.

We already miss the character of Brian O’ Conner and the famous and most loving actor Paul Walker in the Franchise, and now Tyrese Gibson vows to leave the fast and the furious franchise. We are going to tell you what was the reason, which made Tyrese pass out this type of statement.

After the death of Paul Walker, the franchise is at the stage of losing one of his stars again. We are talking about the famous actor Tyrese Gibson, who pass out a statement that he will leave the Fast and the Furious Franchise, if one of his condition did not fulfil. We will tell you what was the condition that Tyrese Gibson wants in exchange to stay in the Franchise.

According to our source the fight between Tyrese and Dwayne Johnson just got fired up. Tyrese is now doing the same, what he accused “The Rock” of doing.

You are thinking right Tyrese once accused Dwayne that he is tearing apart the franchise, and now Tyrese is doing the same by posting a statement on the Instagram. We will tell you about the post Tyrese had posted.

According to this post Tyrese clearly states that he will leave the Franchise if “The Rock” stays in the film. After Paul walker’s death, the Franchise start breaking and what will happen in the future no one knows.

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